Across New Zealand, dogs are an important part of our families, work and play. Nearly a third of all homes have a dog, with over 683,000 living throughout the country.

Despite this, finding up-to-date information about where you can (or can’t) take your dog can be difficult. Information is scattered across a wide range of sources, which makes it hard to access – especially when you’re out-and-about or in a new place. Many New Zealanders are responsible dog owners, but they need help to access the right information.

By creating a crowd-sourced map of dog-friendly locations throughout New Zealand, we are making it easier for dog owners to understand where they can take their pooches and what facilities are available for them.

From bars, cafés, and restaurants, to beaches, dog parks, and walking tracks, our website collates information from business owners, central and local government, and the general public, to create an up-to-date A Dog’s Guide to New Zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the information on your website?

We do our best to cross-reference every location submitted by the community, but there’s only so much we can do!

Long-term, we’d like to add a “verified” feature that allows a location owner or manager to confirm that the information we display is correct.

Is the website mobile compatible?

At the moment, you can use our website like any other website on your mobile device or tablet. Unfortunately, the categories get a little distorted, but we are working on fixing that.

Kimberley Collins

One summer holiday, Kimberley realised that her loves of road tripping, exploring nature, and spending time with her dogs were not always that compatible.

Getting information about where she and Pickle and Perry (her two Silky Terrier/Chihuahua crosses) could and could not go was not always as convenient as it should be. Thus, the idea for Dog Guide was born.

Among other things, Kimberley is a conservation communications professional who runs her own agency called Fledge Media. She is passionate about the not-for-profit and voluntary conservation sectors, participating in various groups and organisations like Forest & Bird, the Otago Conservation Board and Conservation Communicators Aotearoa.

One of Kimberley’s goals for Dog Guide is to facilitate the happy co-existence of humanity’s best friend with the diverse and often-threatened native species in New Zealand. She hopes that by creating a single place for responsible dog owners to access information from sources like the Department of Conservation and local government will improve life for all parties, and especially nature.

Nicole Skews-Poole

Among other animals and one human, Nicole is mum to Bonnie – a Labrador/English Springer Spaniel mix and the canine embodiment of Eeyore.

Nicole runs her own communications agency Ginger Ink and works on freelance projects throughout the country. In her spare time she keeps bees, grows her own veggies and provides a foster home to rescue animals in her house fondly known as “The Menagerie”.